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royale international

Royale International is one of the world’s leading privately-owned logistics companies. Representing 42 offices across the globe, Royale Internatioanl is a dedicated B2B logistics compnay which provides a variety of services including Time Critical services, Express courier services, E-Commerce logistics fulfillment, Temperature-controlled logistics, Air freight, Mail fulfillment and Warehousing.

As a diversified B2B logistics company, Royale International has dedicated teams for various service offerings. Every team created their own sales presentations – you can foresee how it goes – all the decks are highly inconsistent. In the hope to not only uplift the professionalism but also unify the structure and design across all the decks, Royale International worked with us to create a series of animated sales presentations that are highly consistent yet allows flexibiltiy to adapt different kinds of product. 

"Narratio has impressed us with their creative input and ability to convert our thoughts into smooth and appealing designs, and we’re delighted with the end result. I highly recommend them for presentation designs!"
— Royale International

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