Combining Comfort, Design and Medical Features in One Ergonomic Chair


Komflex was found in 2019 by a group of people who wants to develop the best all-in-one ergonomic chair. Combining comfort, design and medical features, Komflex has reset the market expectation for the ergonomic chair of 21st century with the most dynamic functions. 

To kick-off the official product launch, we helped the Komflex team create a dynamic 3D product video, followed by full website design and development. The 3D product video visualizes the ergonomic chair’s dynamic functions, which later serves as a key visual lead for the website. Designed with a minimalistic layout, the website puts the limelight on the product, with a contemporary touch to celebrate the combination of aesthetics and function.

Visit the website at

Before we developed the video, we used 3D modeling to create detailed motionboards.

We then developed the full video to showcase the distinct features of the ergonomic chair.

With the video in place, we developed the full website using the video as the key visual aid.

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