The Trade War

J.P. Morgan private bank

We created six graphical PowerPoint presentations for J.P. Morgan Private Bank. Every six months, the investment firm publishes an investment outlook to shed light on the ever-changing market conditions. Traditionally, the findings are presented with long paragraphs supplemented with data and charts. But the team wants something different this year. We worked closely with the team to convert complicated financial terminologies into a series of light-hearted infographics that everyone can understand. We then added animations in PowerPoint, and converted them into videos so to include background music and verbal narratives of senior management.

Showcased here is the video titled The Trade War. We used a storytelling approach to illustrate the predicted impact of trade war between the two largest global economies. Unlike usual PowerPoint presentations that are mainly comprised of text, icons and still images, we used rich animated graphics to demonstrate political scene in a lively way.

Tailor-made Logo Animation

The original logo hints a doorway which is a brilliant symbol of the investment bank’s forward-looking insights.  We wanted to illustrate how the series opens up a better and clearer picture for the investors in today’s volatile economy. In the animation, the doorway acts as a medium to transform the dark, confused path to a bright one, leading to the topic of each each video. The animation is then applied to all 12 videos of the series. All animations are PowerPoint made.

The logo animation is applied to all videos in the series.

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