A Celebration of Culinary Arts with Luxury Lifestyle


As K11 MUSEA’s culinary muse, A. Gastronomy Lab mixes culinary mastery into everyday life by inviting guests to take part in experiential events co-curated with world-class chefs and academies, and access gastronomic collectables through tastings themed around the appreciation of wine, tea, whisky and more. The elegant space also hosts unique culinary experiences with the world’s most acclaimed chefs and bespoke private events for all occasions. 

We developed a collection of branding materials for A. Gastronomy Lab from logo to different applications. The logo resembles the form of chef’s knives intersecting each other, symbolizing the convergence and inspirations fostered in the culinary space. We then developed a golden color palette to create a luxury and high-end identity for the brand, which was then applied to various print and digital designs.

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