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For startups, small businesses, and enterprises alike, high-quality presentations are the difference between progress and plateaus. That’s why we deliver comprehensive slide design training that focuses on more than software alone. Our comprehensive PowerPoint design training teaches you and your team how to make a lasting impact, one slide at a time.

By taking our PowerPoint design course, you’ll learn the tenants behind a highly-impactful presentation, reaching audiences on both a practical and emotional level.

The most practical and mind-opening presentation training

What to expect from our PowerPoint
slide design training

Unlike conventional PowerPoint presentation training
that focus on software techniques, we focus on practical
applications that will transform the way you present.

lesson 1:

Visual hierarchy

Learn our proven ways to quickly build an effective visual hierarchy. 

Our first PowerPoint training lesson is centered on building an effective visual hierarchy. Ultimately, having too much text on a slide is distracting for audiences and presenters alike.

That’s why our PowerPoint presentation design training will cover our secret formula to easily break text into palatable pieces, and build an effective visual hierarchy such that your messages can be understood.

lesson 2:


Learn the principle of layouts and how to flexibly utilise them for your content.

Layouts are remarkably helpful when it comes to positioning content in a well-expressed and aesthetic manner.

Our PowerPoint training will teach you our proven and easy-to-follow steps to create aesthetic layouts. By the time you’ve completed our PowerPoint design training course, you will be able to create highly-impactful presentations with the right content in the right place.

lesson 3:


Learn new ways to creatively utilise images in your presentation.

Images and photos, when used creatively, can be miraculously powerful to amaze the audience.

We have geared an entire lesson of our PowerPoint training toward imagery. From strategic image search, to image enhancement and even seamless merger with text and shape, we will widen your horizon on what images can achieve in your presentation.

lesson 4:

Design Techniques

Learn about creative visualization to turn your content into captivating designs.

PowerPoint is more powerful than you think – it can achieve advanced designs you never knew are possible.

Our PowerPoint training will share the advanced design techniques that are mostly used by designers only. Get ready to instantly upgrade your slides and impress your audience!

lesson 5:

Merge Shapes

Learn to use Merge Shapes to create custom shapes and endless creative layouts.

The Merge Shapes feature in PowerPoint allows you to get creative and create objects that go far beyond the basic pre-defined objects.

Be rest assured that you will be WOW-ed by the effects Merge Shapes can achieve – we will teach you all kinds of ways to make full use of this function and create mind-blowing designs.

lesson 6:

Creative Visualization

Learn about creative visualization to turn your content into captivating designs.

Whether you’re presenting a list of services, covering your core values, or explaining a timeline, creative visualization will help bring your content to life. 

Our PowerPoint design training shows you how to create custom-tailored infographics that are original and powerful. Better yet, it does not require design skill sets to master!

lesson 7:


Learn about typography and editorial design to create beautiful presentations.

Did you know typography also play a defining role in a presentation’s readability and aesthetics? 

Our PowerPoint design course covers important typography practices in presentation, from typeface selection to relative font size and spacing.  By the time you’ve completed our presentation design training, you’ll know exactly how to include effective typography to achieve a pleasant layout.

lesson 8:


Learn how to put together a beautiful and effective colour scheme for your presentation.

For audiences, colors evoke emotion and are key to your underlying design strategy. That’s why our PowerPoint slide design training explains practical color rules while showcasing the best combinations for a truly beautiful presentation.

 After completing our PowerPoint training, you can choose colors with confidence, leveraging a myriad of tools to optimize every selection.

lesson 9:


Learn how to create interesting and unique charts and infographics using PowerPoint.

Oftentimes, presenters who complete our PowerPoint presentation design training are surprised to learn just how versatile SmartArt graphics and charts can be. 

That’s why our PowerPoint design course covers the key techniques to build dynamic infographics, customized to your unique needs. Our PowerPoint training leverages these tools to the fullest extent through a range of innovative techniques.

Online PowerPoint training course

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Corporate Training Course


Our slide design training encompasses a range of standard and custom course availability. Upon completion of our PowerPoint training, presenters will understand the keys to creating and delivering share-worthy briefings, pitch decks, meetings, and beyond. For inquiries, we invite you to get in touch today.


Julio B.

Wow…just wow! I have used PowerPoint for all my life and I never expected that PowerPoint could achieve so much. This course is life-changing. 


Carolyn F.

I create presentations on a day-to-day basis. The lessons on visual hierarchy and layouts are exactly what I need. Already, I’ve seen a big improvement in work efficiency and quality.


Michael S.

Very helpful and useful, how the skills could be applicable was beyond expectation.


Kate B.

Very systematic, high quality and detailed. This was one of my favourite and most useful online courses – thank you!


Sebastian P.

Thanks a lot for the excellent training! We all learnt a lot from you, and the skills we gained will be very useful in our daily work. Really appreciate your preparation and effort.


Emily W.

I found the course very eye-opening and will hopefully be able to put some of it into practice. Would recommend this course to others. 


coming soon

Advanced Animations

PowerPoint can create stunning animations.
But it is so understated, that 99% of PowerPoint users don’t know about it. Look at some animations we have created using PowerPoint.

After completing our PowerPoint design training course, presenters will have the skills necessary to create animations in a way that fewer than 1% of users know how. These animations will keep audiences wanting more. Our portfolio is an excellent example of our animation capabilities. Through our PowerPoint training, we teach presenters the same skill sets.

And you can do it too.
Add your email to our waiting list - we
will let you know when our advanced
animation course is launched!

Versatile design solutions for every industry


The key advantages of our presentation design training there’s a reason why forward-thinking teams throughout virtually every industry trusts our PowerPoint slide design training. Whether you rely on presentations to engage with shareholders, pass information throughout your organization, announce product releases, or keep meetings on track, our PowerPoint presentation design training ensures that your speakers engage the audience while getting their core message across clearly.

The following principles are what
make our PowerPoint design training
course stand out


Our PowerPoint training teaches actionable lessons that can be enacted immediately. While other courses focus on teaching technical skills, we concentrate on making you a better presenter through slides that stand out and methods that maintain your audience’s interest.


As you progress through our slide design training, you will notice that every lesson is built for real-world usage. In turn, we ensure that every student taking our PowerPoint design training can easily draw parallels between our strategies and their future use cases.


In the digital age we live in, technology is rapidly evolving. That’s why our PowerPoint design course is truly timeless, teaching practical lessons that will apply both today and years down the road. We believe that the best presentation design training should put the presenter first.

Real life projects

Best practices built from experiences.

Our PowerPoint Design Training
is Based on Real-World Expertise

When it comes to selecting a PowerPoint design course, you don’t want to learn from just any teacher. By partnering with our knowledgeable team, you can take peace of mind knowing that you’re receiving presentation design training from hands-on experts with real-world experience working with some of the world’s top brands and organizations. We have encompassed the key lessons, techniques, and strategies we’ve learned over the years in our PowerPoint slide design training, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re learning from the best.

Explore our real-world portfolio today to discover our core PowerPoint training capabilities.

Capturing your unique story

At the conclusion of your presentation, what are the key takeaways for your audience? Through our PowerPoint presentation design training, we ensure that you tell a visual story that leaves your audience with a memorable message. While a conventional PowerPoint design training course may focus entirely on software techniques, we hone in on the overall impact of your presentation. This is how our presentation design training is different. By taking a holistic approach, we ensure that you articulate a compelling and effective presentation that audiences will remember.

Industry-leading PowerPoint
and Design Clients

Our PPT design company routinely works with Fortune 500 companies and elite C-suite executives seeking stunning PowerPoint design in Hong Kong. Throughout each presentation design project, we ensure on-brand consistency. Over the years, we have partnered with cross-industry organizations and leaders throughout every domain, establishing ourselves as the trusted PowerPoint design company.

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About Our PowerPoint Slide
Design Training - FAQs:

frequently asked Questions

Scroll down to discover the most common questions we get surrounding our slide design training. We built the section below based on real-world Q&A from presenters. 

By reaching out, you will help us continue to expand this section as we cover the need-to-know surrounding our PowerPoint design training.

Through our PowerPoint training, we cover the tenants behind effective designs and compelling presentations. We challenge the status quo on conventional PowerPoint slide design training by providing robust video tutorials, helpful tools, hands-on activities, and beyond. All the while, we offer access to leading instructors in a community-centric learning environment.

When it comes to your PowerPoint training, we understand that you have options. At the same time, no other PowerPoint design training course is centered on as much real-world expertise as ours. For example, industry-leading global enterprises turn to us for compelling presentations they can count on. In turn, our PowerPoint training is packed with experience-backed takeaways.

Yes. In addition to our standard online PowerPoint design course, we can accommodate custom-tailored PowerPoint design training to achieve a myriad of learning objectives. While we can develop these personalized solutions for any organization, customized presentation design training is particularly beneficial for niche companies and large-scale enterprises seeking to maximize their investment.

Versatility is a hallmark of our slide design training. For example, you may want to ensure that your presenters have the knowledge and wherewithal to appeal to shareholders. Likewise, you may need a compelling presenter to engage newly onboarded personnel. No matter what the case is, our PowerPoint design training covers exactly what your team needs to know. Rest assured, creativity is a core component of our PowerPoint training. In turn, your team will have the skills and confidence to translate our teachings into a myriad of new use cases.

Although your internal teams may know how to use PowerPoint, there are few individuals worldwide who know the full range of skill sets encompassed within our PowerPoint design course. As a result, the presentation design training you would hold internally would teach technical skills but may miss out on actionable presentation skills to maximize your impact.

For organizations seeking custom slide design training, our pricing depends on a number of factors. For example, you may need our presentation design training to include hands-on slide development lessons tailored to your organization. Similarly, you may want to learn specific features and functionalities that extend well beyond our standard PowerPoint design course. The best way to get an accurate quote is by reaching out with your requirements. From there, we can determine the exact cost of your unique PowerPoint training.